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Heating with HD - The new innovation in pellet technology

Improved combustion and lower emissions with SCHWAIGER pellets in ideal lengths.

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Benefits of SCHWAIGER pellets in HD quality

✓ Minimal content of short/broken pieces and dust
✓ More efficient combustion
✓ Lower emissions

The new quality standard for pellet production: HD technology

The patented HD technology can do what was previously technically impossible: dimensionally accurate, uniformly sized wood pellets for better combustion! The ideal lengths of the pellet mix reduce the problematic content of short/broken pieces and dust by half, while the percentage of pellets of optimum size for combustion is increased by half.

Get the most out of your heating with HD® wood pellets!

When you burn conventional wood pellets, the inconsistency of the fuel is a major challenge for the control systems. The furnace must constantly respond to disruptive variations and readjust the parameter settings.
With its particularly high percentage of pellets within the ideal length range, the HD technology provides the key prerequisites for achieving maximum possible efficiency in practice.

Lower your heating costs with HD® pellets!

The ideal length distribution of SCHWAIGER pellets in HD quality permits optimal filling of the combustion chamber. With its low percentage of short pellets, the uniform fuel creates a fire bed with a uniform pore distribution.

The advantage: Higher air flow between the individual pellets. Combustion becomes more efficient and consumption drops.

Reduce emissions with HD® pellets!

The improved combustion quality also reduces emissions. Independent studies by various research institutes have shown that an excess number of short and broken pellets also has a significant effect on emissions: comparison tests have shown that due to their uniform size, SCHWAIGER pellets in HD quality have up to 37% less carbon monoxide (CO) in the flue gas*.

SCHWAIGER pellets in HD quality ensure optimum performance from your pellet heating system and help protect our environment.

* Feuerungs- und fördertechnische Bewertung von Holzpellets mit verbesserten physikalischen Eigenschaften, Technologie- und Förderzentrum im Kompetenzzentrum für Nachwachsende Rohstoffe, 03/2014

(* Combustion and Materials Handling Evaluation of Wood Pellets with Improved Physical Properties, Technology and Support Centre within the Centre of Excellence for Renewable Resources, 03/2014)

You can purchase SCHWAIGER pellets in HD quality from your trusted dealer: ask for pellets in HD quality from Schwaiger!

SCHWAIGER pellets in HD quality

Our quality criteria for pellets are much stricter than current standards require. The pellets are therefore meticulously selected before being stored in silos with a capacity of 10,000 tonnes. They are sold loose in a silo truck or as bagged goods. Loading 20 tonnes onto a truck takes just 15 minutes. During this time, the driver takes two samples and checks the quality again.
This ensures that the customer always receives certified pellets produced using HD technology, with verifiable high quality guaranteed at all times. Because we keep all samples for one year. This is also part of our philosophy of “quality based on HD pellet technology”.


diameter6 mm
lengthabt. 8 - 35 mm
bulk density≥ 670 kg/m3
calorific value*ca. 5,0 kWh/kg
fines≤ 0,5 %
mechanical durability≥ 99,3 %
moisture contentabt. 6 - 8 %
ash content**≤ 0,3 %
ash melting temperature

≥ 1430°C

raw material100 % untreated whitewood (spruce)
from sustainable forestry

* in accordance with ENplus: 4,6-5,3 kWh/kg
** in accordance with EN 14775: max. 0,7 % at 550 °C

Change in pellet piece size in the transport chain

Wood pellets are subject to high stresses during transport. HD pellet technology enables maximum production quality, ensuring the pellets retain optimum properties and piece sizes until they reach the customer’s fuel store.

Superior HD quality compared to conventionally manufactured pellets

Before: With conventional production methods, the proportion of pellets in the ideal length range when unloaded is around 45%.
After: Switching to HD technology increases the proportion of pellets of optimum size for combustion to around 75%.