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Buy Schwaiger Pellets

Improved combustion and lower emissions with HD pellets in ideal lengths


A broad range of products

Always having them in stock, we offer the following types of products: Structural timber, KVH® structural timber, sawn wood


Highest environmental protection standards

Our ecological overall programme ensures the optimal carbon footprint our company is known for


pellet production with innovative HD technology

Our company has been producing premium wood pellets for a long time. Pellet quality is just as important as sustainability and environmental compatibility. The capacities of pellet production plant, sawmill and biomass heating plant are coordinated with one another and enable minimal primary energy consumption and an optimal CO2 balance. With the switch to the innovative HD technology, once again we have achieved a significant quality increase.



Optimum heat output by the new HD pellets technology

"Practical experience shows that pellets in HD quality also burn more efficiently and cleanly. Pellets in HD quality ensure optimum heat output and it pays off for every pellet customer. "

Josef Schwaiger | Owner Sägewerk Schwaiger

The history of Saegewerk Schwaiger

Strictly speaking it all began 100 years ago when the company called Sägewerk Schwaiger was founded near the centre of the market town of Hengersberg. In those days the sons of the founder set the course for the change from a mere craft business to a modern industrial establishment. Already occupying a leading position in the region, with an initial annual volume of 8,000 cubic metres of logged wood which later increased to more than 20,000 cubic metres, the frame sawmill became an important employer in 1950. Today responsibility is borne by the third generation. Regular investments in state-of-the-art technology and spacious plant facilities, as well as optimally skilled employees and a network of reliable business partners form the spine of the family-owned business today – an enterprise which has an excellent reputation all over the world.

With our business segments of sawn wood, wood pellets and round wood we dedicate ourselves to quality of the highest level and to reliable and fast services.