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Information on our sawmill

Originally known as Sägewerk Schwaiger & Steininger, the sawmill was founded in 1911 near the centre of the market town of Hengersberg.

In 1950, the founder’s sons took over the business (already a leading frame sawmill in the region) and developed it into a modern establishment of the time. Annual output was increased from 8,000 to around 20,000 cubic metres. Sägewerk Schwaiger expanded. The leap from craft business to industrial establishment was close.

It was accomplished by the current third-generation owner, Josef Schwaiger, who took over the sawmill in 1981. He constructed a brand new belt sawmill and moved the business to the outskirts of Hengersberg with its 7,000 inhabitants. After a large fire destroyed this sawmill’s entire production facilities in 1991, production re-started in 1992 using new circular saw technology. In recent years the sawmill has responded to market demands and invested in drying and planing capacities.

Over time, our business has evolved to become a high-tech sawmill within the timber industry.
The sawmill has always served as a partner for the woodworking trades and originally operated on a purely regional basis. However, rapid growth over recent decades has transformed it from a regional sawmill into an internationally renowned timber processing company.

Reflecting the seasonal fluctuations in the construction industry, our employees work in three shifts based on a special seasonal model. We mainly use only fir and spruce logs from Bavarian forests, 70% of which is supplied as 4 and 5 m sections and 30% in lengths from 8 to 21 m.

Around 95% of our timber is purchased by regular customers, with a large proportion marketed within Germany. The remaining output is exported to Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, the UK, Ireland, the USA and the Middle/Far East.

For years, our sawmill has specialised in the production of structural timber products. Our production capacity allows us to process both large and small-scale orders.

Standard commercial ranges and side boards of differing dimensions complete our range of spruce/fir products. We have also acquired an excellent reputation as manufacturer of mass-produced goods such as KVH raw materials, glulam beam strips and international standard dimensions.