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Pellet production plant

Pellets - a meaningful source of energy

Together with a biomass-driven heating power station the pellet production plant was already put into operation in 2006. However, ecological planning and behaviour goes far beyond producing these small "pressed pieces of wood". We omit, for example, transportation by truck but make use of various conveyor belts for the supply to the pellet production plant and the heating power station. Thus we most efficiently obtain not only drying heat for the production of pellets but also environmentally friendly current which is fed by us into the public supply network to its full extent.

Pellets have been available for a long time and in abundance. However, we wouldn't be Sägewerk Schwaiger if we didn't apply high standards to our products. Maybe this is the reason why STIFTUNG WARENTEST - a German consumer organisation and foundation - has spoken in high terms about us and has awarded us with Grade 1.7.

Pellets from Sägewerk Schwaiger: Best combustion, heating and environmental properties. We have been taking advantage of them for a long time. And what about you?

Test winner Stiftung Warentest